Welcome to the 2019 TUgis Conference. TUgis: Maryland’s Geospatial Conference is a cooperative undertaking of three primary partners—Maryland State Geographic Information Committee, Maryland Department of Information Technology, and Towson University. TUgis is dedicated to growing and empowering the GIS community throughout the Mid-Atlantic. The annual conference connects the Maryland GIS community to new ideas and trends and offers ample opportunities to find ways to collaborate.


Kevin Coyne

MD Dept. of Natural Resources
Program Manager
Kevin manages the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ Center for Geospatial Products and Services. Part of DNR's Chesapeake and Coastal Service, his group works with various units within the agency to analyze and map ecological and environmental data to effectively manage Maryland’s natural resources. Online mapping resources such as MERLIN and the Coastal Atlas provide detailed information about those resources. He has been with the agency for 20 years and has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Drexel University and an M.S. in Biological Resources Engineering from the University of Maryland.