Welcome to the 2019 TUgis Conference. TUgis: Maryland’s Geospatial Conference is a cooperative undertaking of three primary partners—Maryland State Geographic Information Committee, Maryland Department of Information Technology, and Towson University. TUgis is dedicated to growing and empowering the GIS community throughout the Mid-Atlantic. The annual conference connects the Maryland GIS community to new ideas and trends and offers ample opportunities to find ways to collaborate.

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Director, Strategic Accounts
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Sanborn is a geospatial solutions company that specializes in providing a broad range of geographic information products and services to government agencies and commercial organizations throughout the United States and abroad. Our offerings include aerial imagery acquisition and processing – vertical and oblique, digital orthophotography, airborne and terrestrial LiDAR acquisition and processing, planimetric and topographic mapping, remote sensing analysis, 3D infrastructure modeling, field data collection, parcel and facility mapping, and GeoIT support.